Kingwood Kitchen Remodeling Guide to Cabinets

Remodeling the kitchen of your Kingwood home should be an extremely enjoyable family experience. You and your family have the ability to express your identity in the most important room of your residence. Your kitchen is where the best family memories are made, whether you are gathering after school and work or if you are preparing a fantastic holiday meal.

When you begin your kitchen remodeling project, you can easily become overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices. In order to help you with your Kingwood kitchen remodeling project, the kitchen design experts at DWR Construction have provided the following guide to kitchen cabinets. Their experts can help you with every aspect of your Kingwood kitchen remodeling project.

Preliminarily, the kitchen cabinet that you choose will define the most important aspects of your kitchen. Because they take up the most surface area in the room, the overall aesthetics of your kitchen is determined first and foremost by your kitchen cabinets. In addition, the layout and storage space that kitchen cabinets provide also greatly affect your family’s ability to use your Kingwood kitchen. For these reasons, picking the kitchen cabinets that your family likes best is absolutely imperative.

Develop a Kitchen Remodeling Floor Plan

Before you choose what style of kitchen cabinet you want to use, you should develop a kitchen remodeling floor plan. By doing this step first, you will be able to choose the most customized cabinets to fit all of your design and storage needs. When you are designing this floor plan, you should make certain to note where appliances and utilities will be so that you have a good understanding of how your new Kingwood kitchen will function.

The kitchen remodeling contractors at DWR Construction can help you update your current kitchen cabinetry or can develop an entire new floor plan for your Kingwood home.

Kitchen Remodeling Cabinet Types

To crudely summarize, there are four different types of cabinets. There are base, wall, tall, and specialty units. Base cabinets are the standard cabinets that are roughly 2 feet deep and 3 feet tall. These base cabinets are typically set four inches off the ground in order to make use easy. Wall cabinets are the upper cabinets that are generally one foot deep. Tall cabinets are used as pantries because they are around 83.5 inches in height. Specialty units are used for those areas of your kitchen that do not conform to the standard dimensions.

Kitchen Cabinet Customization

The kitchen remodeling contractors at DWR Construction can help you customize your cabinets to your family’s unique tastes and needs. They can help you choose a wide variety of cabinet frames, drawers, glides, doors, hinges, latches, and catches. Their professionals can provide you with a wide variety of finishes and personalized features. Their cabinet experts can even help you with eco-friendly considerations like choosing materials that are sustainably harvested for your Kingwood kitchen remodeling project.

If you are interested in renovating your kitchen and need to hire a professional interior remodeler in Kingwood, call DWR Construction at 281-419-4144, or fill out our online request form.

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