Sun Rooms

Sunrooms in the Woodlands are have the best qualities of a home addition and a deck or patio, and they can be an excellent addition to nearly any home. Sunrooms aren’t fully indoors or outdoors, but somewhere in between. They’re not a porch or a deck, and they’re not like any other room in your home.

Sunrooms are completely one-of-a-kind. Essentially, they’re a room addition that has a tremendous amount of windows. Adding a sunroom to your home can immediately increase its resale value, and it’s a great selling point.

They’re a great place to host social events during the colder parts of the years, when it may be difficult to spend time outdoors, but you’d still appreciate the scenery. When the heat is getting to be too much, your sunroom can also be a great place to spend a summer afternoon. In every season, sunrooms will give you a wonderful and different new room to spend time in with family and friends.

What Is a Sunroom?

It can be difficult to describe the difference between a sunroom and a room addition. Exactly where you’d draw the line between the two is hard to day. It used to be that sunrooms weren’t wired for electricity, but that’s changed in recent years. So besides having more windows, what makes a Woodlands sunroom different from any other room addition? Here are some qualities typical of a sunroom:

  • They don’t have central heating or cooling setups.
  • They’re generally smaller than other rooms.
  • They don’t come with a “main purpose,” the way a kitchen or bathroom would. Instead, they provide some extra space that’s naturally lit in the daytime where you can read, keep plants, or even have a small swimming pool.
  • Some sunrooms in the Woodlands can come in a prefabricated kit that you can install on your own or have a professional install.

There are two types of sunroom that are commonly installed or constructed. There’s a prefabricated “greenhouse-style” sunroom, made of mostly aluminum and glass. And there’s a site-built sunroom. Prefabricated sunroom kits are designed and built in a factory before they’re shipped to you. Some models are easier than others to set up on your own.

The Woodlands remodeling contractors at DWR Construction can help you install a new prefabricated model, or we can design and build your new sunroom on site.

Sunroom Construction

It’s commonly believed that sunrooms don’t need foundations, but can be added directly to a slab patio or deck. This is not true, and while local guidelines vary, you will need a proper foundation for your sunroom. Our Woodlands sunroom contractors can take care of this, along with the rest of your design and construction.

If you are interested in an estimate for sunrooms in the Woodlands area, please call 281-419-4144 or complete our online request form.